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3 Easy Steps to Replace Your Pachislo Door Lock
over 2 years ago

The most widely recognized issue with Pachislo Slot Machines is missing door keys. In the event that your key is absent or the lock isn't working as expected, the primary thing you should do is access within your machine without the advantage of a door key.


When you approach within your machine there are three different ways to take care of the door lock issue:


1. Locate a coordinating door key for your machine. This can be hard to do, particularly on the off chance that you have a machine that isn't normal.


2. Apparatus a door opening gadget. Conceivable however difficult.


3. Purchase a coordinating door lock and key, and just supplant your latest door lock.


The most effortless activity is to supplant the whole door lock and key with another set. To do this you should eliminate your old lock from the machine, measure it and figure out which "snare" you will require for your machine. There are a few sizes of locks and various kinds of snares



Eliminating and Replacing Your Current Lock


1. When you access your machine, look within your door. The most widely recognized sort of lock is held uniquely with two screws. Eliminate those two screws and slide the lock out of the door from within. You may likewise have to release the screw on the rear of the lock to extricate the snare to give yourself some squirm space to get the lock out.


There are likewise locks that are hung on with a solitary screw and just one arm and locks that are patched onto the two hook bars that run the length of the door. This guide doesn't cover those circumstances.


2. When the lock is out, measure the length as it were. That is the solitary estimation you will require. At that point take a gander at the snare end of the lock. There are MANY various kinds of snares. Attempt and match the snare you have with a lock of a similar length. You can discover locks online to coordinate what you need.


3. At the point when your lock shows up embed the snare end however don't fix as far as possible. Slide the lock into place, set the two tightens back and perceive how it fits. There are times when you need to turn the lock so what you had as the base screw would now be the top screw. When everything lines up and the key turns the snare which in turns lifts or brings down the hook bar and opens the door... you are DONE!

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